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The Department of Architecture at the University of Oregon has made a long term commitment to the integration of computers into our design curriculum, starting with the design studios themselves, since the studio is the center of architectural education.

Our goal is to make modern design tools just as available to students and faculty as are traditional tools, so that day-to-day decisions about design and learning media are made only according to the actual helpfulness of each media. A cornerstone enabling this program has been student ownership of Apple Macintosh computer hardware, together with innovative software oriented toward three-dimensional design.

As far back as the 1989-90 academic year Oregon had two full studios in the computer-integrated format, and the innovative program has grown steadily over the last five years. Since the the entering class of Fall 1993, the Macintosh integrated approach has been selected by a majority of entering students, and beginning with the entering class of fall 1995, all new first professional degree students (undergraduate and graduate) are required to have access to their own computer tools, to meet the performance standard of the Power Macintosh. Together with several kinds of financial aid support, including a specially earmarked 'last resort' University loan program, academic discounts on both hardware and software and departmental bundles make the computer purchase relatively affordable.

A computer-integrated studio in action, from. Possibilities, a video presentation by
Apple Computer on the possibilities of technology in education.

Design Integration Laboratory has focused especially on integrating computers into the first year of design. Understanding and communicating three-dimensional form is particularly challenging for beginning students, and, by augmenting student capabilities early in the studio process, computer modeling can accelerate the general development of fundamental design skills. Also, by learning to use the computer early, students will benefit from augmented communication capabilities over their whole education.

We at Oregon are excited about our Macintosh-based introductory design studios and the whole computer-integrated architectural design initiative. The Mac Studios have been the subject of peer-reviewed academic papers presented at regional and international conferences, and they have been showcased in the U.S. and international architectural press and by Apple Computer.

For answers to specific questions, please contact the Mac Studio program coordinator, Kevin Matthews, Department of Architecture, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1206.

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