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2D Drawing and Drafting

Over the last few years we have used a number of Macintosh 2D drawing drafting applications. As a class, these provide both easy click-and-drag drawing for early design-stage drawing work, and efficient accurate technical drafting for project documentation.

In academic year '92-93, our drawing program of choice was Claris CAD. In academic year '93-94 we used Blueprint, the 2D version of MiniCAD from Graphsoft. Since the fall of 1995, our primary drawing/drafting tool has been PowerCADD, from Engineered Software.

Posted 95.05.03 KMM, rev. 95.10.29

Intro to PowerCADD | PowerCADD Tips | Student Drawings in PowerCADD

An example project layout in PowerDraw --

by Colin Brandt - Architecture 682 - Winter 1995 - Matthews

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