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Architecture Computer Bundles
Fall 1996


This page describes the currently appropriate hardware and software for a "typical architecture student" who wants to use the Macintosh for design studio work in our department. This standard system is available from the Microcomputer Purchase Plan at the University Computing Center. (Room 202, 503-346-4402.)

To effectively participate in the UO Architecture Computer-Integrated Studio program, each student needs to have a Power Macintosh computer in the design studio from the beginning of the studio term. More specifically, incoming architecture students are required (by a unanimous vote of the architecture faculty taken Spring 1994) to have access to computer tools in their studio work space, and assignments across the curriculum will assume this capability. The Department recommends that each student purchase his or her own Power Macintosh and specified software to meet this requirement.

The best way to contact us with computer purchase questions is by e-mail to Architecture Instructional Support. Please explain your questions in detail, and allow a couple of days for a response.

  — Fall 1996 Architecture Hardware/Software Bundle —

The Microcomputer Support Center and the Department of Architecture have arranged special pricing from Apple Computer on a customized hardware and sofware package. This is the recommended system and software for all incoming Architecture students.

*** Orders for this package must be placed by October 15, 1996. ***


Power Macintosh 8500/120 (M3104LL/A)
120MHz PowerPC 604/16MB/1GB/4x CD ... a fast, near-state-of-the art system with a large one gigabyte hard disk and a quick quad-speed CD-ROM drive. Also includes built-in digital video in and out, AppleTalk and Ethernet networking, true-color high-resolution video support, etc.

AppleDesign Keyboard (M2891LL/A)

16MB Additional Memory

for a system total of 32MB RAM

AppleVision 1710 Monitor (M3322LL/A)

a high-quality CAD-resolution multi-scan Trinitron monitor

Hardware Bundle Total Price -- $3,739


 Regular Price    Bundle Price
Design Workshop 1.5$150 $132
PowerCADD 3$346 $217
Adobe Photoshop 3.0.5$218 $212
ClarisWorks 4.0$72 $56

Software Bundle Total Price --                 $617

a savings of $169 in addition to regular academic discounts.


Combined Hardware and Software Total -- $4356

Through the   University of Oregon Microcomputer Purchase Program

Other Stuff -- FYI

E-mail client software -- provided by Arch. Dept.
Just sign up for your AAA account, using the form which will be passed out in
Arch 222/610, or, you can get the form from Dennis Bishop, Room 204 Pacific.

Insurance -- cost varies

Make sure you're covered under existing renter's or home owner's insurance
--the computer may need to be declared to be covered.

Security clip, padlock, security cable -- ~$30

These are needed to lock down your machine.
The special ecurity clip snaps into back of your computer,
and available thru the Microcomputer Purchase Program for $13.
Cables and padlocks are available many places.

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