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3D Modeling Tools

Some student work using DesignWorkshop and Radiance:

Since architecture is fundamentally three-dimensional, the department has focused for several years on developing a suite of complementary design tools which has always revolved around 3D modeling as the core application area. When we formalized our Mac Studio program in 1990, Architrion on the Macintosh was our core 3D modeling tool. When Architrion got long in the tooth, we used Modelshop for a couple of terms, and then dissatisfied with its level of functionality and reliability, we switched to working with DesignWorkshop, now especially on the Power Macintosh.

Although primarily valuable for its architectural design-oriented focus, based on a live 3D cursor interface, DesignWorkshop has several other advantages as the primary 3D application in our educational program. As a pure Macintosh program, it integrates smoothly with the rest of our core applications. It is also one of the first commercial programs to provide direct-output of model and script files in Radiance format, for easy access to unparalleled lighting and visual simulation capabilities. It is affordable both for the school and for students, and it is widely used and highly regarded in the architecture professional community.

Artifice, Inc., the local developer of DesignWorkshop, has supported the computer-integration initiative in the Department of Architecture by donating software for all the Architecture student lab computers. In appreciation of the great work done with DesignWorkshop in the school, Artifice has also made it a corporate policy to annually donate to the school the share of its profits proportional to local purchases of DesignWorkshop.

Examples of first-term architecture student projects modeled in DesignWorkshop --
Example Final Projects - from Fall 1995

To get started with DesignWorkshop on your own, work through the illustrated tutorial in the DesignWorkshop User Guide.

How-to information for getting into a real design project -- Notes on Modeling Techniques.
Scaling a Drawing for measuring. Moving digital drawings from 2D to 3D by Object PICT.

Hard core info for serious DesignWorkshop users -- Building Model Quality Tips
and Tips for Big Models in DesignWorkshop 1.2.

Click here for official Artifice information about DesignWorkshop®

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