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Rendering & Simulation

For advanced rendering effects, our mainstay rendering application is Radiance, by Greg Ward and others at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. The highly accurate lighting simulation provided by Radiance is supplemented by use of various Macintosh rendering and animation applications.

The port of Radiance to Power MachTen was provided by the Design Integration Laboratory, which continues to work on enhancing Radiance access and usability.

For quick, basic design-oriented renderings we use the built-in capabilities of DesignWorkshop, our primary modeling application. DesignWorkshop also generates animated sun studies and simple walkthrough animations, in the QuickTime movie format.

KMM 95.05.03

Some student work done with DesignWorkshop and Radiance:

Rendering Thumbnail Rendering Thumbnail Rendering Thumbnail Rendering Thumbnail

Information on using Radiance:

** Radiance on Power Macintosh **

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