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Architecture 222

Introduction to Architectural Computer Graphics

Professor Kevin Matthews

Combined lectures with Architecture 410/510/610 "Computer Applications", Tuesday and Thursday mornings in 180 PLC, plus evening help sessions.

An intensive course covering concepts and use of a complete digital design toolkit, including painting and image processing, drawing, drafting, conceptual 3D modeling, detailed 3D modeling, and architectural rendering.


Spring Term 1996

Advanced Computer Applications in Architecture
"Coordinating the Digital Design Team"
Professor Kevin Matthews

  • Computer-Integrated Design Studios
  • Architecture 484/584 - Matthews

    "A Small Town Public Library for the Twenty-First Century"

    Winter 1996

    Topics -- Integrative Design Process using 3D Computer Models -- 2D/3D Integration for Design, Documentation, and Presentation -- Context Modeling -- Choices and Techniques -- Introduction to Advanced Rendering and Lighting Simulation -- Multimedia and other Digital Media Presentation Techniques

  • Computer-Integrated Design Studios

  • Fall, 1995

    Spring, 1995

    Winter, 1995

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