Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 410/510 Matthews

Advanced Seminar in Computer Applications in Architecture

Coordinating the Digital Design Team


Kevin Matthews, Asst. Professor
Office Hours, S'96 - M/W, 11.00am-noon

Britt Brewer, Architect, Portland

Advanced level seminar in digital media and design process for continuing undergraduate and graduate architecture students. Prerequisite: Architecture 222 or permission of instructor.

Meets 7:30 to 9:00pm, Monday and Wednesday, at Room 204 Lawrence Hall

CRN -- Arch 410: 31210. Arch 510: 31267.

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This seminar will make an intensive investigation of the protocols, techniques, additional tools, and expanded conceptual frameworks which come into play when digitally integrated design process moves from the zone of the lone designer into the realm of an active design team.

To establish a realistic setting for the design team investigation, the seminar participants will work together as a faculty-student design team led by Professor Matthews, and produce a serious and timely faculty-student entry to an active professional architectural design competition, the "Glenwood Competition", for the design of a village hall and town square for a small town in the southeast corner of the greater Chicago area.

Groupwork issues addressed specifically will include coordination of multiple contributors to 3D design models and 2D drawings, active and cyclical 3D/2D translation and integration, composition and layout of high-quality presentation graphics, designing and implementing project name spaces, design library construction and applications, time budgeting and project scheduling, timely application of analytical tools and techniques, and file server organization and maintenance.

Software used will include ClarisWorks, Quark Express, a high-end page layout and composition program, Adobe Photoshop, PowerCADD, a drawing/drafting program, DesignWorkshop, a design-oriented three-dimensional modeling program, Radiance, an accurate lighting simulation and rendering application, and Voodoo, a professional version control and consistency management application from Austria.

Required text: Digital Design Media, 2nd Edition, by William Mitchell and Malcolm McCullough. (Available at

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