Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 584 - Spring 1996

Cottage Grove Public Library

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For 96.04.05 - Friday

Case Studies (composed with digital media)

For 96.04.10 - Wednesday

Reading Space studies (choice of digital or physical model) for full group review and discussion.
On 96.04.12 - Friday

Site visit to Cottage Grove. Observe, discuss, photograph, sketch, measure, etc.

For 96.04.17 - 3:00pm - Wednesday

Collective site modeling work substanitially complete, plus --

Massing models of three substantially alternate schemes for the exterior form of the library, as DW models in the site model. . Technical Notes.

Consider the building to be 12,000 gross square feet.

The parking on the east side of the site will be kept, but the building lot can be extended westward to the river edge.

We will review these in class using the LCD projector, so deliver your model to our "Massing Studies" folder on Architecture Forest. Please have summary printouts available in case the projector approach runs into technical difficulties.

For 96.04.19 - Friday

Program Form "adjacency sculpture" models, delivered to studio drop folder.

For 96.04.22 - Monday

Inital Building Schemes, built in the "Scheme Version Seed File", using material assignments to track program elements. Delivered to studio drop folder. . Technical Notes.
For 96.04.29 - Monday
Building Spatial Models, in model and drawings for full group pin-up.
For 96.05.01 - Wednesday
Updated building designs with integrated structural model. Delivered to studio drop folder, plus print structural axonometrics.
For 96.05.06 - Monday
Updated building designs with facade development, in model and elevation drawings for full group pin-up.
For 96.05.13 - Monday
Substantial development of major interior space, in model and interior elevation drawings for full group pin-up.
For 96.05.20 - Monday
Updated building designs with interior and exterior daylighting studies, in renderings, animations, and drawings for full group pin-up.
For 96.05.27 - Monday
Detail and ornamentation studies, with updated building designs in model and drawings for full group pin-up.

Final Review Requirements

Some generally relevant notes on layout and composition of architectural presentation boards.

Some partially relevant notes on digital-media-based presentation approaches in general.

For Week of 96.06.03 - Monday
Projects complete and presented, for studio Final Review

Case Studies

Note: Case studies which contain any uncleared copyrighted material are password protected to respect the rights of the copyright holders, by restricting access to that allowed as fair use for educational small groups.

Library at Philips Exeter Academy

Boston Public Library

The Carnegie Libraries

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