Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 484/584 - Spring 1996

Program Outline -- New Public Library

(Note: We will start our design process without concern for specific program details. Therefore, for now, square footages for specific activity areas are omitted.)

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shared realm

entry -- welcoming and accessible
outside space
inside space
public services (restrooms, phones, drinking fountain)

main circulation counter -- centrally located, always staffed, controls entry

cafette -- snacks for the information workshop, with serving counter and small kitchen

community meeting room -- may need independent access

orientation and circulation space (~30%)

adult realm

adult service desk -- always staffed, equipment loaned

primary catalog area

adult reading areas -- attractive and adaptive

adult collection space -- fiction, non-fiction, books and other media

periodicals area -- display and reading

reference area

special collections -- extra level of control

patron equipment area -- xeroxing and other fixed machinery

children's realm

children's service desk -- always staffed

children's reading area -- children's scale, and adaptive

children's collection space -- preschool, young reader zones

reading spot -- for reading aloud, etc

staff realm

technical services work room -- processing and repair of collections

head librarian's office

staff offices

administrative work area -- staff xeroxing, etc

server room

staff lounge/conference room

storage -- various: books, equipment, supplies, carts, chairs,

building service realm

custodial space -- lockers, sink, storage

mechanical space -- HVAC, electrical, communications, fire sprinkler controls

loading dock

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