Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 222 & 410/510/610

Introduction to Architectural Computer Graphics

Instructor: Kevin Matthews, Asst. Professor
GTFs: Stephen Branchflower, Yanelkar Canizales, Michelle Mueller, Scott Passman (222)
DDC/GTFs: Ross Leventhal and Stefan Wynn (A610 with 682 & 410/510)
CRN: 11197

For all entering undergraduate architecture students. This course is a prerequisite for Architecture 181, the first undergraduate design studio course, offered Winter term. Meets together with associated sections for architecture graduate students co-enrolled in A682.

Meets 9:00-10:50am, Tuesday and Thursday at 180 PLC (Prince Lucien Campbell Hall)
together with Arch 410, CRN 11221; Arch 510, CRN 11272; Arch 610, CRN 11322.

Plus Regular Help Sessions Monday and Wednesday evenings, 7pm-10pm, in the Design Computing Laboratory, 283 Lawrence Hall

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This course will introduce the use of the Macintosh personal computer as a tool for architectural illustration, drafting, and design. It teaches skills crucial for all entering first professional degree undergraduate students in Architecture, and especially for first year architecture students who will be taking the Mac Studio Architecture 180 sequence this winter and spring. The course will touch briefly on essentials of computer literacy, and then build skills and experience in image processing, two dimensional drawing, and three-dimensional modeling and rendering of buildings, inside and out, together with an awareness of fundamental issues of design representation and the language of architectural graphics.

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Software used will include Netscape Navigator, a browser for the World-Wide Web, ClarisWorks 4.0, an integrated program with word processing and page layout capabilities, Adobe Photoshop 3.0, an image manipulation program, PowerCADD 3.0, a sophisticated but straightforward drawing/drafting program, and DesignWorkshop 1.5, a powerful design-oriented three-dimensional modeling program used in Macintosh-based design studios. The class format will combine lecture, class response, self-paced tutorials, group help sessions, and independent project work.

Architectural Drawing

The underlying philosophy of this course is that we can approach computer graphics as a new kind of design media, enabling every day use of three-dimensional design visualization and analysis. This new media can deepen and enrich our methods for designing buildings.

There is no course-work prerequisite for this class, but basic familiarity with the Macintosh environment is recommended, such as simple word-processing experience. This class is a strict prerequisite for students who will be in the Macintosh-based studios of Architecture 181/182 later this year. Personal access to a Power Macintosh computer is required for all entering first professional degree students in Architecture, and this course is designed to help you get the most out of your design tools investment.

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