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A222 et al. Questions and Answers Page

10-1 -- First Class

Course Description, Short Video, Which Mac?
Tuesday and Thursday Orientation Sections --   (hourly 6-10pm)
Facilities Tour, Using the Web Area, Getting Started with E-Mail, Macintosh Tutorial.

10-03 -- Course Policies, Graphical Overview

Setting Up Your 8500/120...

10-8 -- Introduction to Mac Applications, Introduction to Photoshop, Introduction to Backups

Survey. Photoshop Painting out. (similar for all sections)

10-10 -- Photoshop in Detail, Printing, Uploading Files

Experiment with Photoshop, find image.

10-15 -- Painting, Continued

PowerDraw Cottage Plan out. (same for all sections)

10-17 -- Introduction to Mac-style Drawing & PowerCADD, What's a Plan?

Painting vs Drawing I, Drawing a Simple Plan
Photoshop Painting due

10-22 -- Painting vs Drawing II.

Section Drawing out. (similar for all sections)

10-24 -- Advanced PowerCADD I, Section Drawings Selection, Scaling a Drawing.

Cottage Plan Drawing due

10-29 -- Advanced PowerCADD II. Drawing Layout Techniques, Complex Poche Techniques.

Drawing vs C.A.D. -- "Computer Aided Drafting"

10-31 -- Claris Works Clipboard & Insert and The Great Buildings Collection

Mixed Media Project out for A222.
Section due for all sections.

11-5 -- Introduction to DesignWorkshop, 2D/3D Concepts

Cottage Model Tutorial out. (same for all sections)

11-7 -- More DesignWorkshop, Cottage Tutorial continued

Mixed Media due for A222

11-11 -- Monday -- Cottage Model Tutorial due for A410/510/610.
Massing Model Project out for A410/510/610.

11-12 -- Massing vs Spatial Models, Working Orientations, Extrusions, Faces, Duplicate Mitered...

Cottage Model Tutorial due for A222.
Massing Model Project out for A222.

A222 Modeling Project - Preapproved Buildings List.

11-13 -- Wednesday   Professor Matthews extra office hours 7-10pm for building selection questions

11-14 -- Architectural Modeling Strategies -

assembling, massaging, milling, popping up, popping over.
Project Building Documentation due for all sections.
Massing Model due for A410/510/610.

Notes on Modeling Techniques.
Scaling a Drawing for measuring. Moving drawings from 2D to 3D -- four methods to choose from.

11-18 through 12-6 -- Duck Call for Winter Term 1997.

11-19 -- C.A.D. -- "Computer Aided Design" -- Tools vs Machines, Simple vs Complex

Massing Model due for all sections
Spatial Model Project out.

11-21 -- More Modeling -- Dormers, Site Models, etc. -- & Basic Rendering

Building Model Quality Tips

11-24 -- Sunday   Professor Matthews extra office hours 2-6pm for modeling questions

11-26 -- Advanced Rendering. Rendering Examples.

Presentation Approaches -- Computer Composed, Computer Output, Computer Underlaid.
Layout Examples.
Spatial Model due, for all sections, with site in a phase, and model and views development.
Detailed Model Project out. Final Project out.
11-26 -- Tuesday Evening Help Sessions, 7-10pm at the DCL

Example Final Projects - from Fall 1995

11-28 -- Thanksgiving

Architecture Review Week

12-03 -- no Architecture classes. Visit some Final Reviews!

(Help Sessions Monday and Wednesday evenings)

12-05 -- no Architecture classes. Visit final reviews. Plan final project layouts.

Detailed Model due for all sections
except -- Option 2 graduate students in A610 have a 48 hour extension, due to review conflict.

12-06 -- Friday -- Color printing workshops -- three sessions, 2-5pm, starting each hour.

Final Exam Week

12-10 -- no Architecture classes

Final Reviews for A410/510/610 Students

(Help Sessions Monday and Tuesday evenings)

12-11 -- Wednesday, 5pm, Final Project due

A222 et al. Questions and Answers Page

12-12 -- no Architecture classes

Winter Vacation (December 14 to January 5)

Next course in Architectural Computer Graphics? Architecture 422/522 & 610, Winter 1996.

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