Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 222 & 410/510/610

Who, What, Where, When? -- Course Resources


This handout lists the main teaching and support resources associated with Architecture 222, 410/510, and 610, Fall 1996.


Kevin Matthews
MS Mail: Matthews, Kevin
Office: 204 Pacific Hall -- the Design Integration Laboratory
Office Hours--Tuesdays, 2-4pm

Help Sessions

Held at the Design Computing Laboratory, 283 Lawrence Hall
Monday (B&C) and Wednesday (M&P) Evenings

Three Sessions Each Evening:
7:00-8:00pm, 8:00-9:00pm, 9:00-10:00pm

(except during special first and second week scheduling )

Computing Center Labs

CC-Klamath and Millrace Labs

Architecture 222 GTF's

Stephen Branchflower
MS Mail: Branchflower, Stephen
Office Hours--Monday, 10-11am, at the D.I.L., 204 Pacific Hall

Yanelcar Canizales
MS Mail:
Office Hours--Wednesday, 10-11am, at the D.I.L., 204 Pacific Hall

Michelle Mueller
MS Mail: Mueller, Michelle
Office Hours--Friday, 10-11am, at the D.I.L., 204 Pacific Hall

Scott Passman
MS Mail: Passman, Scott
Office Hours--Thursday, 2-3pm, at the D.I.L., 204 Pacific Hall

Architecture 410/510 & 610 GTF/ Digital Design Consultants

Ross Leventhal
MS Mail: Leventhal, Ross
Office Hours--Tuesday, 4-5pm, at the D.I.L., 204 Pacific Hall

Stefan Wynn
MS Mail: Wynn, Stefan
Office Hours--Thursday, 3-4pm, at the D.I.L., 204 Pacific Hall

Architecture Instructional Support

Please bring any Design Computing Lab problems, including printing and e-mail problems, to the attention of Dennis Bishop
MS Mail: Bishop, Dennis
Office: M283 Lawrence Hall
Office Hours-- ???


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