Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 422/522 & 610/Matthews

Architectural Computer Graphics

Instructor: Kevin Matthews, Asst. Professor
Office Hours, W'97 - TBA

Elective intermediate level course in digital media and design process for continuing undergraduate and graduate architecture students. Most appropriate after at least one year of design studio. Prerequisite: Architecture 222 or permission of instructor.

Meets 12:30 to 1:50pm, Tuesday and Thursday, at Room 278 Lawrence Hall

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This course will build on existing skills and knowledge toward proficiency and sophistication in the use of digital media tools for architectural illustration, drafting, and design. It is intended primarily for students who have already completed one or more computer-integrated design studios.

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Primary Topics

  1. Context Modeling -- Choices and Techniques, including 3D Modeling and Texture-Mapping

  2. Integrative Design Process using 3D Computer Models -- 3D in Early Design

  3. Personal Project Management and 2D/3D Integration for Design, Documentation, and Presentation

  4. Introduction to Advanced Rendering and Digital Media Presentation Techniques

The course will address design process issues, project organization, document interchange, integration of traditional and modern media, and it will introduce advanced architectural rendering techniques. For example, generative and developmental design work using drawings and images extracted from three-dimensional models will be explored in detail.

Software used will include ClarisWorks, for page layout capabilities, Adobe Photoshop, for image manipulation, PowerCADD, for drawing and drafting, DesignWorkshop, for design-oriented three-dimensional modeling, and Radiance, for both accurate lighting simulation and architectural rendering.

Required text: Digital Design Media, 2nd Edition, by William Mitchell and Malcolm McCullough. (Available through the UO Bookstore.)

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