Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 484/584 - Winter 1997

  Community Center and Library for Falls City, Oregon

Design Faculty   Kevin Matthews

Studio Location   T.B.A., Eugene

Time   1:00-5:00pm M/W/F

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The project of this studio will be the complete design of a simple community building for a small town in Oregon. Program elements may include meeting and conference rooms, a stage, library and computer facility, day care space, staff offices, etc. This is a real project being promoted by the "Active Citizens to Improve Our Neighborhoods" of Falls City.


The project will sited on about two acres of city-owned land, at the river's edge in Falls City.



A central design challenge will be to provide a beautiful place for the appropriate accommodation of community activities within a very modest construction budget. If this challenge is well met, there is a possiblity that our project design could be constructed.

Considerations of grace and sustainability such as natural lighting and energetics, and healthy and renewable materials will be integral parts of the design agenda. Definition and expression of architectural character appropriate to a community building in a modest setting, through form and detail at the site, building and personal scales, will need to be accomplished without resorting to grand expensive gestures. A sensitive understanding of the needs and aspirations of the Falls City community will be important. And the foundational architectural issue, simply how the building itself stands up as what it is, will be entirely of the essence.

Tools and Process

Appropriate and intensive integration of digital media into the design and presentation processes will be an assumption of the studio. In addition, we will practice digital and web-mediated methods for project communication, coordination and review, particularly in collective phases of the project design process.

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