Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 410/510 - S'95 - Matthews

Course Assignments

0 95.03.27 | 1 95.04.03 | 2 95.04.10 | 3 95.04.17 | 4 & 5 95.04.26 | 6 95.05.01 | 7 95.05.08 | 8 95.05.15 | 9 95.05.22 | 10 95.05.29

0 - 95.03.27

Reading due for class 95.03.27 (all parts):

Radiance Paper from SIGGRAPH '94 by Greg Ward, author of Radiance.

1 - 95.04.03

The first working assignment is to use the Radiance Quick Start Notes to render a simple daylit space with some furniture in it. Hand in your PICT format image file to the Appleshare server using the information sent to you directly by e-mail. (Due by next class.)

Radiance Quick Start Notes

Name the image file: a510.s95.1-LastName, FirstName

Example Assignment
- an nice example by Justin Chester.

2 - 95.04.10

The second assignment is to draft a proposal for your course project. Hand in the proposal file to the Appleshare server as before. (Due by next class.)

Name the proposal file: a510.s95.2-LastName, FirstName

3 - 95.04.17

The third assignment is to edit and render a scene that uses simple materials, including a light source and glazing. Due by next class.

Radiance Materials Notes

Hand in the PICT format image file to the Appleshare server as before, naming the image file: a510.s95.3-LastName, FirstName

Example Assignment
- an excellent model and rendering by Misako Yamaguchi. (large image)

4 & 5 - 95.04.26

The fourth assignment is to revise your project proposal, based on our class discussion two weeks ago, and to hand in the revised assignment as a510.s95.4-LastName, FirstName. (Due by next class.)

The fifth assignment is to add our first compound material, using a dirt function, to your previous scene which used just simple materials. Hand in the PICT format image file to the Appleshare server as before, naming the image file: a510.s95.5-LastName, FirstName. (Preferred by next class.)

6 - 95.05.01

Check out this web site for examples of advanced compound materials in action:

Auckland Radiance Materials

7 - 95.05.08

Expanded and Commented Example Rif File

Rendering Multiple and Orthographic Views

8 - 95.05.15

Design-Process Project Management using Materials Files

9 - 95.05.22

Materials Rotations

Instancing Trees

Simple rendering of Radiance trees

10 - 95.05.29

Final Project

Final Project presentaions are due during finals week.

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