Design Integration Laboratory

Architecture 410/510

Spring 1995 - Monday evenings, 7pm-10pm - 204 Pacific Hall - Kevin Matthews

Special Topics in Architectural Computer Graphics

R a d i a n c e

Design - Simulation - Presentation

The course will cover the preparation, production, and output of still and moving computer rendered images with accurate diffuse lighting effects from natural and artificial lighting, as well as realistic material patterns and textures. Primary focus will be on the use of ray-tracing software technology in support of sophisticated architectural design and design comprehension.

Solid working knowledge of DesignWorkshop® is required, as is a willingness to learn Unix operating system commands. Successful completion of Architecture 199-Matthews, A222, or A422/522-Matthews will be accepted as a prerequisite. In lieu of any of these courses, approval of instructor is necesary. All students will be expected to have AAA MS-Mail e-mail accounts by the being of the term.

Graduate students should sign up for a personal account on Darkwing through the Computing Center. Undergraduate students need to register with the instructor by e-mail to receive account authorization.

The course will involve lecture, readings, individual and group project assignments. A substantial final project will consitute a large protion of the grading basis.

Required Equipment

Students will need access to the following items to accomplish the work in this course:

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