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Spring 1996 Digital Design Consultants

Spring 1996

Architecture 484/584

A Small Public Library for the Next 50 Years
Design Faculty - Kevin Matthews
Studio - Room 209 Pacific Hall

Architecture 282

Design Faculty - Dan Herbert, Jenny Young, Bill Gilland, Aso Jaff,
Studios - Room 310 Lawrence Hall and adjacent spaces

Winter 1996

Architecture 181/182

Design Faculty - Lynne Dearborn-Karan, Jim Givens, Rob Pena, Mimi Sullivan, Glenda Utsey (180 Coordinator), Ned Warnick

Architecture 484/584

Design Faculty - Dan Herbert

Architecture 485/585

Design Faculty - Howard Davis

Architecture 486/586

Design Faculty - Donald Corner

Architecture 683

Design Faculty - Bill Gilland and Jenny Young

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