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Center for Housing Innovation

Donald Corner, Director

Center for Housing Innovation
262 Onyx Bridge
(503) 346-3614
Donald B. Corner, Director

Participating faculty:
G. Z. Brown, Architecture
Howard Davis, Architecture
Ronald Kellett, Architecture
Peter Keyes, Architecture
Rob Thallon, Architecture
Polly Welch, Architecture

The Center for Housing Innovation (CHI) is a non-profit, multidisciplinary research, development and public service arm of the University of Oregon. The purpose of the Center is to advance the state of knowledge and professional expertise related to the planning, design, construction and manufacture of housing in North America, with particular emphasis on the Pacific Northwest. Center members are experts in housing production and manufacture, energy-related issues in housing, regulatory issues such as zoning and building codes, housing design, and user participation in housing and community design. Innovative use of wood products is a particular concern of the Center.

With the strong core staff and a wide network of potential resources, the Center undertakes research, consulting, educational and community service projects. These include research for government agencies, development of design and construction prototypes, creation of innovative community and neighborhood design plans, development of new zoning ordinances, services to architects and planners involved in housing design and construction, as well as services to civic, community and neighborhood groups.

Undergraduate and graduate students in the various degree programs of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts are active participants in the activities of the Center, through course offerings by Center members, student employment opportunities and research fellowships.

Example Projects

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