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Mac Court Restoration Studies

After years of deferred maintenance and luxuriant growth of invasive ivy, a complete exterior restoration is being planned for historic Mac Arthur Court, the home of University of Oregon Duck Basketball and several other UO NCAA sports teams.

Mac Court is said to have been the largest indoor sports facilty west of Missouri when it was built in the 1920's, and it has seen many memorable events over the years, from a fight by Joe Lewis to performances by the Eugene Symphony. "The Pit", as it is known in basketball circles, is a dreaded venue for visiting teams, and the proximity of every seat to the action on the court contributes to the legendary intensity of audience involvement in Mac Court games. In the 1950's it underwent substantial changes including the addition of new seating balconies, and metal-clad corner stairways for access to the new balconies.

The Design Integration Laboratory is assisting Chris Ramey of the University of Oregon Campus Planning Department in predicting the visual impact of various restoration stratgies.

Mac Court modeling by Eric Buschert, in DesignWorkshop®.
Mac Court renderings by Kevin Matthews, in Radiance.

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